The Indiana Jones dig through my closet looking for a missing shoe turned up this gem instead.
  1. Ticket stub to Bob Saget
    A few years ago I saw @BobSaget and laughed my ass off. I remember this show vividly because the lady next to me was expecting Full House Bob Saget. It was as much fun watching her squirm as it was listening to the show. If you haven't seen @BobSaget live, do it!
  2. Valet ticket from same night
    So the valet system really works if they just give you whatever car you say you lost the ticket for. I should go back and drop it off for good measure.
  3. THAT lipstick
    I looked high and low for that elusive little tube of glorious color to no avail.
  4. 3 paper clips, nail file and a rubber band
    Apparently I was thinking I might need to MacGyver my way out of some situation.
  5. Phone number
    It's been a few years, I am thinking I shouldn't call and lead with, "we met at Bob Saget..."
  6. Gum
  7. $10
    Did I forget to tip the valet who believed I'd lost my ticket?