I miss simple things
  1. Standing in line for concert tickets
    Before online ticketing we'd get up super early and stand in line at the record store. You hung out and talked about the band, how excited you were, what you were going to wear, etc. I grew up in Palm Springs so we also had to figure out what brave parent was taking us all to LA.
  2. Recess
    Maybe I can start adult recess. Anyone want to play tether ball at lunch?
  3. Naps
    Never enough time in the day, especially if my recess thing pans out.
  4. Typewriters
    You had to think about what you were going to put to paper. No copy and paste option. I think it made us better writers.
  5. Writing letters
    My friends and I used to send letters back and forth all summer since we didn't have email in the 80's. We'd decorate with stickers, fancy papers and took picking out stamps seriously.
  6. Common decency
    It's very simple and takes very little effort.