It was a productive bout of insomnia this week. Hoping for a better nights ahead.
  1. Signed up for a half marathon
    I've never done one so why not, right? Montana in September should be beautiful so even if I fail miserably I can enjoy the scenery.
  2. @list -spent a lot of time here
    The great thing about this app is you can learn new things, laugh, cry and ponder the complexities of life all in one place.
  3. Baked cookies
    Four dozen cookies made their way to work this week. I couldn't keep them after that rash decision to sign up for the half marathon.
  4. Watched Louis CK
    He doesn't offend me which surprises most people. I think I was born without that filter.
  5. Amazon
    This is probably the worst site ever during a period of sleeplessness. You look for one thing and suddenly there are 10 in your cart. My UPS man will be visiting almost every day next this week.