What's It Like to Be a Jennifer?

After several instances this weekend where there were too many Jennifer's in one place, I started thinking about my long run with this moniker.
  1. Some guy has asked if your number is 867-5309.
    And he laughs like its original. Newsflash, it's the most common pick up line for any one named Jennifer.
  2. You are alway asked what you prefer to go by.
    You might say Jen but they will call you Jennifer or Jenny since that's what they call the other Jennifer in their life. You notice but don't make the effort to correct them.
  3. You have gone by your middle name, last name or initials at some point.
    We only had two 3rd grade classrooms and eight Jennifer's. Three of us had the same middle name. Our teachers got creative. Needless to say, you now answer to anything resembling your name.
  4. You likely have a sibling with any equally popular name.
    Michael, John, Matthew, Ben or Adam for the boys and Julie, Sarah, Stephanie or Michelle for girls.
  5. Road trip souvenirs were never personalized.
    The key chains, bike license plates, bracelets, anything that was personalized was always sold out in any variation of your name.
  6. You dreamed of changing your name
    As a kid I had a whole list of names I was going to change mine to as soon as I was 18. I moved away to a big college instead. None of my friends were named Jennifer which was new for me.
  7. Usernames are hard to come by
    It's all been taken. There are just too many of us. I've resorted to the nickname only my mother called me as a kid.
  8. The new spellings of the name confuse you
    Suddenly you are protective of the name. Why are they spelling it with a ph instead of f now?
  9. You hesitate when you hear your name called.
    Restaurants, salon, car wash, award ceremonies, DMV, really anywhere they call out a name. You know there is likely another in the same room so you wait a second to see if anyone else stands.
  10. This list applies to anyone with a super popular name...except the first point. Jennifer's are stuck with that one.