1. Silicon Valley: Erlich knocking over a teenager's bicycle while yelling "YOU JUST BROUGHT PISS TO A SHIT FIGHT" because the kid bullied Richard
    That line has become part of my lingo
  2. Parks and Rec: Donna explaining to Tom that the dinosaur in the restaurant he is considering buying is a load bearing dinosaur and therefore cannot be removed
    I was in such an HGTV phase when I saw this episode
  3. Veep: When Selina kicks Jonah off the plane as it is taxiing on the runway
    The acting in this scene absolutely destroyed me
  4. 30 Rock: Liz Lemon's pilot boyfriend Carol (played by Matt Damon) turning on the fasten seatbelt sign after delaying the flight for 3 hours
    It was the perfect representation of the hell that is the airline industry, and damn I love Matt Damon
  5. Arrested Development: The doctor telling the Bluth family that Buster was going to be "all right", as in lacking a left hand
    How do all the jokes flow so effortlessly in this show?
  6. Workaholics: Everyone is tripping on acid during a business trip and Alice has visions of the hotel's front desk turning into jello
  7. Wet Hot American Summer: when Jason Schwartzman's character ripped a spoon out of his pocket, took a spoonful of toxic sludge, and said "just as I expected, toxic sludge"
  8. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: When Frank rear ends Dennis at a stop sign while Dennis is eating cereal