Things I do to pass time at work that I'm secretly getting paid for

I'm an computer engineering intern and sometimes it's dull. My company blocks mostly cje all of the social media sites so this is how I've come to use my downtime!
  1. Try to converse with my real adult coworkers about their hobbies (golf)
    "Yeah I played 18 holes this weekend, mostly on par, I used my lucky yellow ball, that windmill caused me some trouble though, yes I am taking about minigolf, I'm sorry for interrupting"
  2. Play the countries of the world sporcle quiz
    Actually after a week of doing this the website got blocked so I don't do this anymore. My high score was 170/193 !!
  3. Plan fictional vacations on TripAdvisor
    Can't wait for my ecocamping adventure around the Mayan ruins of Tulum, Mexico! Jkjkjk gotta pay for college
  4. Color
    The one day I brought in a coloring book, everyone gave me a look like, "can you at least try a little harder not to make a mockery of your position". I was coloring a picture of an elephant.
  5. Play around on LinkedIn
    I'm so bad at networking so any exposure I can get at this point is helpful
  6. Braid my hair
    Sometimes when I'm really committed I'll even fishtail it