the complaints I am too ashamed to voice to anyone in my house
  1. No one closes the zipper on the tortillas and then they get stale
  2. When I buy a snack at Trader Joes and label it with my name one of my brothers will still eat it
    Also they eat leftovers that don't belong to them!! So rude
  3. Mom folds my clothes a different way than I do which causes major problems when I put the clothes in my dresser
    Which reminds me...
  4. I don't have enough room for all my clothes in my childhood dresser
    How does it all fit in my dorm room if it doesn't fit here?!?!
  5. My teenage brothers are so angsty and mean to my parents, especially when they have to do homework
    I just hate watching this
  6. My parents always have to know where I'm going
    Literally out to the car to get my phone charger
  7. I get criticized for eating ice cream every night
    Listen up, I'd there's ice cream in the house, I'm going to eat it, if you're gonna be a hater, stop buying ice cream
  8. I'm not allowed to watch Veep in the family room because of the foul language
  9. My brothers play war games on the Xbox and the sound reverberates through the house, interrupting my sleep
  10. My bed is too comfortable
    Seems like a non-issue but results in me a. Oversleeping for work b. Having too high of a standard for beds
  11. Some allergen in the house makes me sneeze a lot
    It's probably the cat but I'll never suggest that because he's my best friend