I believe Neil is a very underrated singer/songwriter. We should no longer be embarrassed jamming to the sweet tunes of our mothers favorite sequenced jumpsuit wearing "jazz singer".
  1. Brother Love's traveling salvation show
    You gotta give it to the N-Dubbs, this song will give you goosebumps! "Room gets suddenly still and when you almost bet you could hear yourself sweat, he walks in."
  2. Sweet Caroline
    He apparently wrote this song after seeing a picture of young "sweet Caroline" Kennedy. Good times never been so good!
  3. Crackin' Rosie
    This song is a classic! Get those dancing shoes ready.. Play it now!
  4. Cherry, cherry
    Neil's got the way to move me in this 60's hit. He sure does love his baby.
  5. Shilo
    A song about a child's imaginary friend. "Young child of dreams. Dream every dream on your own." Find your inner child and enjoy this beauty.