share a pic of your tattoo and tell what it means to you. if you don't have a tattoo, share anything special that means a lot to you
  1. my wrist tattoo
    my husband's initials - JSF - in ambigram format - designed by my brother. two of the most important boys in my life.
  2. Elliott Smith Forearm tattoo
    Elliott's music meant (and continues to mean) so much to me. I would not be alive without it. So about a year after he died I got this tattoo to commemorate him and also to mark the end of some hard times in my life.
    Suggested by   @jstncwlcx
  3. Music and dance, the ultimate siblings.
    These are music lines/notes that turn into the ropes of a ghungroo belt. We tie these belts around our ankles, and they are supposed to prove the dancer's ability to stay on beat. When you dance offbeat, the bells make it obvious. I have trained in Indian classical dance for 13 years and it has played an extremely important role in shaping me into who I am. I also got this tattoo with my boyfriend so the memory is great too.
    Suggested by   @srikala12001