A list of goals for 2016
  1. To not be afraid the dark, or scary mean people.
    I will be confident in who I am and what I am capable of doing in work and life. I won't be afraid of not knowing the future. I'll work on enjoying the present.
  2. To work on self-care instead of wondering what is wrong with me when I'm overwhelmed with my crazy life.
    Step 1- actually getting enough sleep and eating food instead of spending hours convinced that the world is falling apart and everyone hates me only to finally eat a cheeseburger and realize all is well and I was just incredibly hangry. Step 2- Add more to the list of things that calm me. (And actually do them) Currently I have: praying panicked prayers, binge watching The Office, taking deep breaths and occasionally convincing myself to go to yoga. Next thing to try, adult coloring books!
  3. To write.
    And then not be afraid (see list item #1) to share it with someone. Whether it's on the blog, a short story or the start of a novel or maybe some sort of a script. I want to write more.
  4. To drink enough water & actually floss.
    Yep. Kinda boring, but this is a real list people and these are real things I should be doing as a grown up.
  5. To be thankful and enjoy all I have.
    And to remember my happiness is contingent on myself, not the circumstances or people around me.