Including my best guess as to when it began to gather dust in a corner.
  1. A friendship bracelet from 4th grade.
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    #friendsforever if only I could remember who this was from. (Circa 1994)
  2. This.
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    Yep. Really. Long story. (Circa 2008)
  3. Someone else's glasses.
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    These are not mine! Jason doesn't wear glasses...who came into my bedroom took off their glasses and stumbled away blindly? (Circa unknown)
  4. One cup of tea.
    Apparently tea grows mold? No one needs a picture of this. (Circa 2 weeks ago)
  5. One map of Narnia.
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    (Circa Jason's childhood, 1989 OR through a wardrobe and into the timeline of another world)
  6. One red mag.
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    If you know what this is, you know that it probably shouldn't be stored on your bedroom floor next to a cat toy. (Circa Jason's most recent shoot, last week)
  7. Various set lists.
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    Apparently Jason has started a collection of set lists? I keep finding them wadded up in random places. (Circa the last few years)
  8. One copy of a book on organization.
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    Found in the midst of a large pile of clutter. #ironic (Circa my great attempt at being organized, spring 2015)
  9. One wallet sized album of high school dance photos.
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    Jason's from high school. #whoarethesepeople? (Circa 2001)
  10. One book of matches. From the guy who made Pharell's giant hat.
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    Procured at a party full of people wearing large hats. (Circa summer 2015)
  11. So many business cards.
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    Most belonging to people I've never heard of. (Circa they just keep coming!)
  12. One Splash Mountain commemorative photo.
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    Disneyland with the fam. (Circa Thanksgiving 2006)
  13. Money I can't spend in this country.
    Why can't USD have elephants like Nepalese Rupees? (Circa our last few trips)