Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

A suggested list, so why not! Let's give extra purpose to these random things still taking up memory on my phone.
  1. Best Nasty Woman meme yet.
    It is awesome and everyone should see it. #imwithher
  2. Sometimes friends say brilliant things on Twitter.
  3. Zoe's flight info.
  4. Jason's boarding pass.
    We're just going to stop after this flight related screen shot. There are a whole ton more where these two came from.
  5. Hilarious twin joke for my dad who isn't on fb.
  6. Google Image search of Irish pubs.
    A totally normal weekend activity. Right?
  7. Because it's funnier to show than to try and explain this...
  8. What up Kansas City!
    So, I had a layover in KC, Missouri, or so I thought. I was super confused because they were selling all of this Wizard of Oz themed stuff in the airport. I was thinking I must be confused and maybe I'm in Kansas City, Kansas. But thanks to google maps. I found out I was in fact in Missouri. You can't pull one over on me random airport gift shop. I'll only buy one size fits all "There's no place like home" sleepwear in Kansas airports!
  9. When you're trying to convince your pregnant friends to get scary tattoos...
  10. When someone else remembers national siblings day for you!
    Thanks Callie!
  11. Hotel info in Mexico.
    So our cab driver didn't have to deal with my butchering of the Spanish language.
  12. Cooking class info in Beijing.
    Because I couldn't even begin to try and figure out how to pronounce that address written in Mandarin...