Things I Hated as a Child

When all of my friends were obsessed with these things, I just didn't get it.
  1. Dinosaurs
    I patiently waited for all of my friends to pass through the "dinosaurs are cool" phase only to have Jurassic Park come out and make them even cooler.
  2. Pogs
    I think my mom was thrilled my sister and I never jumped on this bandwagon of wasting $$ on cardboard circles.
  3. Free Willy
    Still never seen it. Ironically, I absolutely love MJ's Free Willy song, "Will You Be There" and to this day force people to sing it while driving with me.
  4. Saving the Planet
    I'm happy to recycle, but why did we have to sing so many songs about it?
  5. Gogurt
    Just typing the word makes me gag.
  6. Island of the Blue Dolphins
    I love reading, but not this book. It didn't help that it played into my fear of everyone dying and leaving me behind.
  7. Matilda (the movie)
    At first I thought it was fine, but then when my sister wanted to watch it over and over when I wanted to watch Little Giants. Boo.
  8. "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"
    Yes! Yes I was! But I always had to pretend like this show didn't give me nightmares around my friends. I'm still afraid about the end of the radio dial, but I don't remember why...
  9. Mario Kart
    I was so terrible, I secretly feared I'd never be allowed to drive a real car.
  10. Juice Boxes
    And the kids who liked to squirt them at other people. The worst.
  11. Magic Eye books
    "Of course I see the penguin, I mean spaceship!" NOT!
  12. Daycare
    It smelled like disinfectant and was filled with kids who ate crayons and loved all of the above listed things. Ugh.