because when you live there it happens and you have to be chill about it
  1. Clay Aiken
    Came to eat at the restaurant I worked at which rhymes with Bubblehump Chimp Company. He hid behind menus he stood up across the front of his booth
  2. Jeff Daniels
    Ate at said restaurant with his family. I delivered their appetizer and had a hard time restraining myself from letting my inner Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain fangirl out.
  3. Alec Baldwin
    Saw him at the stage door after 'On the 20th Century' while I was on the phone with my mom for her birthday. I handed him the phone and asked he wish her a happy BDay which he did. He then told her that we were at a club and we were wasted. Naughty Alec Baldwin.
  4. Brad Pitt
    While walking on the street I looked into the MTV windows and was greeted by a waving Brad Pitt. It was during the Troy press tour and he was all bronzed and buff and ridiculously hot. I was decidedly not chill about it. I screamed like a 13 year old at a One Direction concert.
  5. Sutton Foster
    One of my theatre idols. I fought people to serve her dinner at my restaurant. I told her I was a big fan, yada yada. Then I said I'd just met her brother Foster a few weeks ago. His name is Hunter. Their last name is Foster. She was very nice about it. I wanted to die.
  6. Amy Poehler
    Passed me on the street once. It was rainy and she was wearing galoshes and a rainbow sweater and she smiled and it was like actual sunshine.
  7. Orlando Bloom
    Saw him at the Kingdom of Heaven premiere which I went to solely to see him because Legolas. He has the tiniest butt I've ever seen on a man.