The saga of men I've chatted with and/or casually dated thanks to OKC in 2015. Stay tuned for more haphazard stupidity.
  1. Tour guide 🚣🏽
    We texted for a month before finally meeting. We made out once on his couch then he told me goodbye forever.
  2. Worship leader vol I 🎶
    Cute date in the most suburban area California can offer. He walked me to my car, hugged me goodbye, said he'd text, still waiting to hear back 😂
  3. Dragon Ball Z 🔰
    This guy was so nice, even if slightly metro, but lived in Texas and might be more into nerd things than girls at this point.
  4. Canadian dude 🍁
    We chatted on Facebook for two amazingly fun nights before he stopped replying to my messages. Finally he said I lived too far away.
  5. Worship Leader vol II 🎸
    This dude lived in Arizona. He was so into soccer. He was lame. We face timed some then he said he wasn't interested. Two weeks later I was walking into Target and he called me like a stupid puppy saying he made a mistake and I was super cool. I told him no thank you, goodbye.
  6. Midwestern 🎩
    This dude was balding and super awkward. Super immature and no way in hell was I going to move to the Midwest.
  7. Appalachian 🗻
    The weirdest Christian f*boy you've ever met. He weirdly tweeted about everything and asked questions about women's underwear too often. He also continued to text me upwards of a week after I stopped replying to his messages.
  8. Who will be next???