Favorite Dishes at My Favorite Restaurants

  1. Spicy ramen at Ramen yamadaya in culver city
  2. Bacon Royals at Rutts in Mar Vista
  3. Hot wings at Duffs and fries with blue cheese in buffalo
  4. Steak and eggs at panos (This is my brothers picture. I would have rare steak and sunny side up eggs) (in buffalo)
  5. Dick and Jenny's. Coffee and pastries.
  6. Breakfast burritos at The Wood. Because they have Terrible service but wonderful coffee which means I can read a book in one sitting. (Mar Vista)
  7. A summer BBQ at my family's, where me and my mom are always in charge of side dishes and never the meat, but that's okay because grills scare me
  8. La pizza cresci in Cannes. Just look at it.
  9. You know, there's a pretty okay pizza shop in Venice, CA. Just look at it.
  10. These churros I also got in Venice
  11. Meat plate. Sausage board. The charcuterie. Everywhere and everywhere. You never regret ordering the meat and cheese board, trust me.
  12. This is a fondue place in Paris that serves wine out of baby bottles. I've been there twice and I'd like to be there 10 more times.