1. Spicy ramen at Ramen yamadaya in culver city
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  2. Bacon Royals at Rutts in Mar Vista
  3. Hot wings at Duffs and fries with blue cheese in buffalo
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  4. Steak and eggs at panos (This is my brothers picture. I would have rare steak and sunny side up eggs) (in buffalo)
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  5. Dick and Jenny's. Coffee and pastries.
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  6. Breakfast burritos at The Wood. Because they have Terrible service but wonderful coffee which means I can read a book in one sitting. (Mar Vista)
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  7. A summer BBQ at my family's, where me and my mom are always in charge of side dishes and never the meat, but that's okay because grills scare me
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  8. La pizza cresci in Cannes. Just look at it.
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  9. You know, there's a pretty okay pizza shop in Venice, CA. Just look at it.
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  10. These churros I also got in Venice
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  11. Meat plate. Sausage board. The charcuterie. Everywhere and everywhere. You never regret ordering the meat and cheese board, trust me.
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  12. This is a fondue place in Paris that serves wine out of baby bottles. I've been there twice and I'd like to be there 10 more times.
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