1. Washington DC for Realscreen to sling TV shows
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  2. NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab where I got a private tour of maybe humankind's greatest achievements, and where I felt like nothing mattered and everything mattered at the same time
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  3. The Grammy's, where I sat in Ashanti's box with Gene Simmons who hates shrimp
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  4. Backstage at The Comedy Store, where I get to perform at a lot now!
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  5. Atlanta for my cousins wedding in a old cotton mill, for family time and laughing and dancing
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  6. Back home to Buffalo where I spent the spring wondering how people can live in Buffalo through any season
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  7. To Paris and Champagne country in the spring, where I learned I'm in love with Paris and Champagne country, and also allergic to pollen
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  8. To Cannes where my friend did actual work during MIPCOM, but where I took long baths and ate lemon macaroons and steak tartare on the beach and where we sang karaoke until 4 am
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  9. On a open air tour of Hollywood drunk with a friend after work, because it was her birthday and we could
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  10. To Palm Springs with girlfriends to eat gourmet donuts and homemade guac and drink in a pool for a weekend
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  11. To the Magic Castle where magic makes me super uncomfortable for some reason
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  12. To sweaty basement bar in Venice for my birthday, surrounded by my favorite people, and seeing a guy who never called me after a tinder date but it was funny I promise
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  13. Back to buffalo for the 4th of July to have All American relay races on our front lawn and to kayak on the Niagara river and to see the Bosstones play and to be 16 again
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  14. To Vegas to shoot a sizzle reel for a show I loved but it never sold, and meet a guy I liked but it didn't pan out
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  15. To get my first headshots taken!
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  16. To Cabo for a friend's wedding. The ceremony was the only time we ever left the swim up bar. Not even to pee.
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  17. Headlined at The Comedy Store for the first time! Ubered there with good friends and listened to Trap Queen on repeat to ease the anxiety.
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  18. Just wanted to Include this picture of my brother dressed as kid rock here
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  19. Back home to Buffalo twice, once for a sad reason and once for the holidays. Always for the wings.
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