1. When something tastes like a memory
  2. Giving somebody a book you love
  3. A song that makes you want to wake up in the morning
  4. The Smell of Hawaiian tropic on my skin and sweat; salty and sweet
  5. When a movie is exactly what you needed.
  6. One. Pink. Line.
  7. Dipping shortbread cookies in your coffee
  8. Hollandaise sauce.
  9. How palm trees become dimensionless against a sunset
  10. Watching the fucking sun set. Watching the fucking sun rise.
  11. A packed lunch. Packed by somebody who cares about you. You leave with it and feel cared for and you eat it later and feel comforted.
  12. Speaking of which, this sandwich my mom just made me
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  13. The sound of the wind whipping outside and shaking the windows but you're protected by the warmth of the blanket you're under, and you're so safe inside
  14. When my niece tells me a secret and she moves my hair aside to whisper it directly in my ear because it's so so tip top secret
  15. When my mom buys almond cookies and baclava when I come home for Christmas that she stashes away because she knows that only me and her will be excited about them
  16. Getting wheeled out of the hospital at 7 pm on Christmas Eve by my dad, in time for dinner. And stealing a hospital gown so I can play Doc Mcstuffins with my niece later
  17. The New Years Marathon of The Twilight Zone and getting chills on your whole body, even under the new soft sweats you got at Christmas
  18. That glimmer of faith in the world that's restored when you finally see your bag appear on the carousel