I'm a recent convert to this dish having never been much of a fan of fried eggs.
  1. Basic ingredients. An egg. Slice of bread. Butter. Salt and pepper.
  2. Simple preparation. The hardest thing you have to do is make a hole in your slice of bread. I use a small juice glass.
  3. Cooking/prep time is less than 10 min. Get in my mouth you delicious egg/toast mutant.
  4. Tastes good at any time of day/night. This has been my go to meal this month. Simple and satisfying. 7 am? Delicious. 2 am? Heavenly.
  5. The small circle of bread you cut out can be dipped in the yolk. I like to serve it on top of the egg so when I lift it off the egg is like a warm and delicious little present I'm unwrapping.
  6. My version of this dish is made by sautéing green onions in the hole first and then cracking the egg on top of that. So simple. So good.
  7. I would have included pictures but I already ate it.
  8. Last thing. Don't over cook your yolk. You'll thank me later.