Nightly rituals-without them I would feel off.
  1. Washing my face.
    Warm water. Cetaphil. Unscented lotion. Refreshing.
  2. Looking at my face in the mirror right after I wash it.
    I don't know why but this is one of the few times I really enjoy seeing my own face. I notice details I feel like I forgot about during the day. The shape of my eyebrows, all the tiny eyelashes on my lower eyelids, that little dot on my cheek.
  3. Listening to a podcast while brushing my teeth.
    Usually whatever was in my unplayed queue. Tonight was Dinner Party Download.
  4. Reading in bed
    Usually a book. Sometimes lists on here or samples of the next books I want to purchase.
  5. My cat jumping on my pillow and making strange and cute little noises.
    I don't know what to call this noise. It's kind of a trill/purr. Definitely not a meow. It always makes me think of the noises associated with raccoons in movies. Cute raccoons. Not terrifyingly aggressive raccoons. This is always followed by her looking for the dog and settling on top of my legs for the night.
  6. Hearing my dog snoring under the blanket
    He's always asleep much sooner than me.
  7. Drinking water before bed.
    Always at least a full glass. There's always a refill on the nightstand ready to go for the 3 am thirsty feeling.
  8. Going to the bathroom one last time.
    I just drank an entire glass of water and I'm going to drink at least another in a few hours so probably best to go now and have a preemptive strike pee.
  9. Thinking through what I need to do tomorrow
    This might involve setting reminders and alarms for the next day as well. My reminders rule my existence.
  10. Listening to my neighbor's tv through the ceiling.
    Trying to guess what movie or show they're watching. Lately it's been a steady stream of movies. My favorite success was when I recognized the music from Home Alone 2 in July.