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You may or may not know, I have unbelievably big hair! And like most women (and men?) I shed quite a bit. Here are the strangest places I've found some of my hair:
  1. In my vagina
    Ever been using the bathroom and look down to notice a massive curly head-hair attempting to hide away in your jay-jay? Just me?
  2. In a giant dust bunny under the bed
  3. In my mouth
4 more...
  1. Selfie
    I make it a point to take a shameless selfie daily. Not to be self-centered, but because it raises our self esteem ;)
  2. Kelly Kapoor
    My sister posted on fb that she would "rage" if anyone wore white to her wedding
  3. Face Swap with the kiddo
    This is a horrible pic but we're sharing here! My son and I snapchat every night, and this is part of the gold.
  4. Me & the boy
    We also go to the park daily, here's us ♡