You may or may not know, I have unbelievably big hair! And like most women (and men?) I shed quite a bit. Here are the strangest places I've found some of my hair:
  1. In my vagina
    Ever been using the bathroom and look down to notice a massive curly head-hair attempting to hide away in your jay-jay? Just me?
  2. In a giant dust bunny under the bed
  3. In my mouth
  4. In someone else's mouth
  5. In my pocket
    Okay, ever had a hair-ball form and stick to your clothes after laundry? Embarrassing. Lol
  6. My ass-crack
    Ya, ladies (or guys with long hair) maybe you've experienced this after washing your hair in the shower.
  7. In my food
    I've actually had my own hair appear in both foods I've made for myself, those I've made for other people, and food prepared at a restaurant. My hair. Oh well, remove and move on! Haha