For the LA Times Book Fest, I worked with UCB to put together a Live Read for the script of Swingers, a movie turning fucking 20 this year. Takes place tomorrow & this is our awesome cast.
  1. Thomas Middleditch as Mike, as made famous by Jon Favreau
  2. Ben Schwartz as Trent, originally played by Vince Vaughn
  3. Kate Micucci as Lorraine, Heather Graham's role in the film
  4. Nate Corddry as Rob, Ron Livingston in the movie
  5. Julian McCullough as (A boy named) Sue
  6. Angela Trimbur as (Hi, this is) Nikki (leave a message)
  7. Maria Blasucci as Christy and assorted female roles
  8. Brandon Johnson as "This place is dead anyway" Charles
  9. @MelissaStetten as a bunch of girl parts, including Mike's ex-girlfriend in NY
  10. Sean O'Connor as every male extra, including the Bald Guy who gets in a fight with our swingers at the Dresden
  11. I will be doing stage direction