A few years ago, Paul Scheer and I convinced the production company JASH to make our short web series, ArScheerio Paul, where we recreated classic Arsenio clips from the 90s, with our funny friends playing the guests. For the sequel, we took on classic TRL episodes, all directed by Payman Benz, replicating the doofusness of Carson Daly. Enjoy!
  1. Casey Wilson as Celine Dion
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  2. Kumail Nanjiani as Mariah Carey
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  3. Thomas Middleditch & Ryan Hansen as 98 Degrees
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  4. Randall Park & Joe LoTruglio as Eminem & Mark Wahlberg
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  5. Brett Gelman as Marilyn Manson
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  6. Terry Crews & Katie Lowes as Puffy & Britney Spears
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  7. Jon Daly and me as Limp Bizkit
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