Media That Reported on a Photo I Posted of Lebron James and Kevin Love

  1. This is a photo of teammates, but now NBA free agents, LeBron James and Kevin Love meeting at a public hotel pool, after LeBron said he wouldn't be meeting with Kevin (with chair) to talk shop.
  2. I innocently posted it, figuring it would get some attention because it's newsworthy for specific sports fans who like technical contract gossip, especially because rumor is, these two players don't like each much.
  3. I underestimated the response.
  4. Here are places reporting on a dumb photo, within a few hours, making it the biggest sports story of the day. We live in a weird world.
  5. The Sporting News
  6. CNN (front page)
  7. Complex
  8. (about what shoes Kevin was wearing)
  9. The New York Post
  10. Rolling Stone
  11. Sun Times National
  12. The Huffington Post
  13. Business Insider
  14. CBS Sports
  15. USA Today
  16. Forbes
  17. Fox Sports
  18. ABC News
  19. Sportscenter
  20. Sports Illustrated
  21. Bleacher Report
  22. NBA TV
  23. Grantland