This year, for work, I'm attending the Insane Clown Posse's Gathering of the Juggalos festival for the 1st time. These are some of the performers (slash monsters) I'll see perform. I am terrified. It appears every one of these humans was directed by Rob Zombie. These are ALL real. Here's to hoping the guitarist from Mad Max is a surprise guest.
  1. Anybody Killa
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  2. Terror Universal
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  3. Boondox
    E3015ce5 d21d 43d7 9761 753225fb1ca7
  4. Big Hoodoo
    B6cbef65 a2a0 4395 8d8e 97801e097442
  5. Playboy the Beast
    61b1f5d6 5d62 44eb ac42 f2fd794022b5
  6. Aqualeo
    97e76057 c3e3 4e39 9b12 da26171141b5
  7. Mushroomhead
    70d6f0bb 3fe2 48f0 89a3 b2009ec0bd71
  8. Death In Motion
    8cbe0bf9 5a39 4330 8adc 3da7137d14fc
  9. Amerikan Overdose
    54f00e6f c5af 4c2c b880 56d57b5ba805
  10. Blaze Ya Dead Homie
    Dac4c98c c1cc 47dd 94a6 df967df78de7
  11. Dark Lotus
    Ebe279b3 cb48 4b0a a938 d9188e1fee57
  12. Lo Key
    99a192d5 e2b6 43f6 81f2 e25488da7890
  13. Puddle of Mudd
    6233cfd6 cad4 460a 92d9 cf60444374d9