I've never missed an episode of MTV's The Real World (yeah, even the dumb new seasons), and one of my favorite pastimes is talking about it in the same way an English professor would dissect a Tolstoy novel. So, expect a lot of these on this app...
  1. Jacques (San Diego)
    A real underrated gem from a season no one seems to talk about because it was late in the legacy (also there was a rape in the bathroom that they didn't televise), but Jacques was a real voice of reason on a show that for the past 20 years has mostly featured dipshits and dumb-wads. He was funny and really just one of us more than anything. When meatheads in the house got arrested he sort of side-eyed the camera like, "I'm one of you," every time.
  2. Dominic (Los Angeles)
    This Irish rock critic liked to drink, which seemed so edgy to me as a kid, but I really should've focused on his friendship with Aaron, the weird Republican surfer, as the real oddity. This is back when they still cast people with jobs over the age of 30 on this shit show. Everyone remembers Tammy and "It wasn't not funny," but Dominic was the seasoned Real World connoisseur's pick, even over Jon Brennan, the guy that makes you still say "Real World" in a country western twinge.
  3. Amaya (Hawaii)
    Yeah, we all talked a lot about Ruthie & her alcoholism, but please do not ignore the queen of white girl problems before it was a meme: Amaya. She spent an entire season pining for that dude Colin (who @sophia literally stalked to date) and moped around the house when he said he wasn't really feeling it. I know she lives in LA and when people find out I'm an idiot who is obsessed with the show, they usually say "Oh, I know this girl Amaya," but I've never wanted to learn more. KEEP THE MYSTIQUE
  4. Dan (Miami)
    Most people talk about the Stephen vs Irene slap from Seattle as the best Real World fight ever, and they're right, but they should know that Dan vs Flora yelling match over mail is a very close second. "It wasn't yours to open up, you stupid bitch!" was followed up by a homophobic slur, but it was all just madness over some letter that meant nothing. He also did a bunch of speedo modeling during the season, soooooo he was cool.
  5. Brynn (Las Vegas)
    Brynn was an integral part of what I consider the moment Real World died, partaking in a 3some on the 1st night in the Palms hotel room they turned into the house. It was such an escalation of events, creating a new norm to cast idiots who are insane & willing to basically make a Girls Gone Wild DVD. Now, Brynn is also a VERY complex character cause after the threesome, she basically disappeared, finding a bf in Vegas and never being on camera after, which also became a trend. Never forget.
  6. Cara (Chicago)
    One of Real World's rare Jewish representatives, Cara is a favorite because of how much she addressed slut shaming way before that was even a term. She went to a public outdoor concert, met the band (whose identity was completely obscured) and then made out with the singer. She bragged about it for weeks, singing around the house, "I made out with a rock star." Then was sad when he never contacted her again. The best part: it's rumored she made out with the dude from Big Head Todd.