Not everyone from the greatest rap group ever was a star. Beyond the original 9, or 10 (Killah Priest?), there were "affiliates," loosely associated but quick to claim the crew for fame. Basically dudes they kinda knew, or were related to, that jumped up to steal shine (but sucked). BUT, they had GREAT names. These are my favorites and are all REAL
  1. Spanky Splash
  2. Dexter Wiggles
  3. Big Deal
    Which is CRAZY ironic
  4. Makeba Mooncycle
  5. Tash Mahogany
  6. Polite
  7. Dreddy Krueger
  8. Prince Super Day aka Inglewood Green
  9. Carlton Fisk
    The name of an actual baseball player he just stole.
  10. Ill Knob Blobby Blob Head
  11. Suga Bang Bang
  12. Pearl Handles
  13. Rambo
    Good luck with Google, idiot.
  14. Falling Down
  15. Holocaust, the Sign of Hell's Winter
    Imagine his merch
  16. Hanz On
  17. Free Murda
  18. Trigg-nomm
  19. Dom Pachino
  20. Black Jesus
  21. Shorty Shitstain
  22. Raison the Zookeeper
  23. Warghosts
  24. Tommy Whispers
  25. Hot Flamez
    Seems like a rough name for battling