I own an art gallery & we held an exhibit w/ over 100 pieces inspired by the artists' favorite TV shows. You can see the whole show here - http://nineteeneightyeight.com/collections/idiot-box-2
  1. Andy Stattmiller's Breaking Bad nesting dolls
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  2. Dave Quiggle's Twin Peaks print
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  3. Wendy Ortiz's True Detective painting
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  4. Brad Hill's Last Man on Earth sculpture
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  5. Munk One's Small Wonder painting
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  6. Nan Lawson's Broad City print
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  7. 100% Soft's Last Man on Earth print
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  8. Julian Callos's Bob's Burgers sculpture
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  9. Keir O'Donnell's felt Jinx envelope
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  10. Ryan Milner's Urkel painting
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