1. I know this is regional.
  2. But I've been thinking about it a lot, and I can't help but admit it's one of the greatest days of my life.
  3. We had just saw a movie at the Arclight theater in Hollywood.
  4. It's a huge theater. They have screens upstairs and downstairs, divided by a staircase.
  5. This is a very large staircase. I mean, VERY large. I found a picture of it online. Probably 40 steps.
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  6. Every time I walk up or down these steps, I actually get nervous.
  7. One night, 10 years ago, after a movie with friends, we approached these steps, and I grabbed the handrail, as I always do for safety.
  8. It was then that a man in front of us, only a few steps into his walk down, leaving with his wife or maybe girlfriend, tripped, and began to fall.
  9. Not a small fall. A REAL fall. Face forward. Loud. Shocking.
  10. And he couldn't stop. He ROLLED, starting a unbelievable descent, clunking down each and every step, rolling head first OVER and OVER and OVER. Cartwheels.
  11. He was out of control. We gasped. Some of us yelled. It was years before Tosh.0, but I can only assume he'd love this so much and say some sexist or racist joke in response.
  12. At that moment, his significant other, who INSANELY seemed to show little to NO concern at all, turned to us and said, in the most carefree tone I've ever heard, "Oh, don't worry, he's fine."
  13. "Don't worry, he's fine???" YOUR MAN IS STRAIGHT DYING.
  14. He clearly wasn't fine. He was doing full revolutions. And just when you thought he'd finally stop, he didn't - he actually picked up more speed.
  15. It felt like it went on for 5 minutes. DRAGGING ON AND ON. Looking worse by the second.
  16. He finally got to the bottom of the steps and LANDED ON HIS FEET. He actually stuck a finish. But the momentum was too much.
  17. He skidded, still on his feet, unable to stop his motion.
  18. The unstoppable inertia forced him to crash into a wall, finally bringing his drop to an end.
  19. He then stood up, brushed himself off and walked away. His unconcerned lady followed close behind.
  20. And that was it.
  21. Silence.
  22. My group was frozen atop the stairs, unable to speak about, or comprehend, anything we just saw.
  23. He easily could've died. Snapped his neck. Went into a coma. Anything. But he seemed fine.
  24. And what was that woman's response about?
  25. We wondered was he a stuntman, always pulling these type of pranks in public for his jaded, almost annoyed, wife?
  26. Or was she just so nervous and embarrassed that her instinct was to just say anything to push the attention away of them?
  27. What if it was a date? A first date even?
  28. We created dozens of scenarios, each one different, each one still incredible.
  29. I will never know the truth. But the fall was tragic and beautiful. Like a ballet even. Art.
  30. I think about this instance still, 10 years later, every time I walk those steps, and sometimes when I just need to smile.
  31. In the end, I've decided to fully embrace the mystery, just as much as I still do the handrail.