Yup, I wrote for the Peabody award winning "WWE Raw" in 2005. (It never won a Peabody)
  1. "Parry Hotter"
    A skinny young wrestler would dress like Harry Potter (Hogwarts uniform, glasses, lighting bolt) and come to the ring thinking he's a magical wizard. Opponents would laugh at his stupidity when he'd try his Invisibility Cloak, only to still to be seen. While losing the match, at some point he'd pull out his wand, close his eyes & cast a spell. Then another wrestler would pop up from under the ring & attack his opponent. He'd believe his spell worked when he opened his eyes. Over and over
  2. "Super Fan"
    Wrestler Chet Jablonksi LOVES wrestling. LOVES LOVES it. He's dedicated his life to worshipping his fav superstars. Now he's IN the WWE, fighting them. Before matches he FREAKS, asking his idols for autographs, getting hugs, asking personal questions, etc. Then when the bell rings to start the match, he DESTROYS them. After the pin though, he's back to taking selfies w/ them, now fallen on the mat, and loving his new accessibility to the WWE. Supposedly, they are doing something like this now.
  3. "I had to poop"
    Once I suggested a wrestler explain to his angry tag team partner that he wasn't around to save him from an unseen attack in the backstage area because he had "to poop." I had to pretend I was joking when everyone laughed.
  4. Gymini's real names
    Shane & Todd were real buff and bald twins who signed to the WWE as a tag team. They used to go by their real names, but some writer gave them the brilliant new name, the Gymini Twins. We needed to give them individual names too and I suggested the very menacing, Erik & Lyle, a nod to the Menedez brothers. They went with Jake & Jesse for no reason.
  5. Travel schedule
    I suggested they allow writers to write from their hometowns, rather than forcing them to move their entire life to Stamford, CT, only to fly to 3 cities a week anyway. You can collaborate on ideas through email from home then reconvene at the first TV taping. They said no and I quit 6 months in. I did get addicted to Ambien while traveling that much and not having friends or family to come home to though.