Some Art Hanging in My House

Inspired by @MikeShinoda's recent list, I figured I would take a quick inventory of the art currently hanging in my house. For the past 12 years I've been an owner of @galleries1988, and usually like keeping my work AT WORK. As a result, I'm very minimalistic, and picky, when it comes to what gets hung, but here's a sample.
  1. Edward's Losing by Greg "Craola" Simkins
    Greg began his gallery career at G1988, and has since went on to sell $50,000 paintings regularly, but this was his 1st entry into Crazy 4 Cult, our annual show inspired by cult films. I was so blown away by it, I immediately knew he was well on his way to much bigger things.
  2. Koko by Bruce White
    Bruce has become one of my favorite artists because he always delivers. He paints everything on black velvet, like a cheesy Jesus portrait, and the detail he puts into each 80s/90s icon is truly unreal. He did a full show of old school wrestlers that I curated and this was my heart & soul.
  3. Upon The Mount by Scott C
    A bummer to photo, but Scott C did this piece for our Sony marketing campaign for Breaking Bad and it details every character from the run of the show. It's a beautiful painting and as a die-hard fan of the show, I'm happy to be hanging it. He also recently did a Ghostbusters painting that is similar, but some lucky buyer has that one. They sold print copies of this as part of Talking Bad and it sold out in minutes.
  4. Pharm - Life by Luke Chueh
    Luke is the artist who really put our gallery on the map. He was the first to sell out an entire show and gain actual art world notoriety. He also battled a drug addiction pretty consistently for years, and he's vocal about that battle now. But back then - he wasn't. This was the first time he ever referenced that struggle in art, and as someone who experienced the terror with him, I had to have it. Hard to see, but means a lot to me, since he's still alive and painting.
  5. Beastie Boys by Shepard Fairey
    Not sure where to even start with this. Shepard used to show with us every few years, putting a piece in a group show here & there. We did an exhibit w/ the Beastie Boys in 2009, where they gave us permission to tribute them through paintings & prints. Was insane. Shepard made this piece and couldn't let it go. When MCA died this became a major image, even a billboard, to pay respect to the legendary MC. I can't believe I have the original, especially since it's now a shirt at Urban Outfitters
  6. Afraid to Ask by MR. PRVRT
    I somehow found a way to tribute Woody Allen without actually having that piece of shit's face on my house. This is one of my favorite comedy scenes ever, with Gene Wilder as an Armenian sheep herder in Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex. I don't really know much about the artist, as we only showed his work a few times, but I LOVE this piece so much I have to keep it on the wall.
  7. Black Angels by Joshua Keyes
    My favorite artist, and sadly a bad picture. He's such an amazing painter and I know I'm not doing him any favors here, but he showed this piece with us, influenced partly by Watership Down and commenting on companies who continue to test on laboratory animals. It's a touching piece that remains a cornerstone of my collection.
  8. Ferris & Cameron by Olly Moss
    Before he became (basically) the biggest designer in the world, Olly Moss had his 1st art show at G1988. He worked with a laser cutter to create one of a kind pop culture profiles and the whole exhibit took the art world by storm. He'd take the paper cuts then meticulously place them into this frames. He made like 200 and filled the venue. You've seen this concept a million times now, but Olly was genuinely the first to do it.
  9. Saved By The Bell by Olly Moss
    I also have this one.
  10. Morons (Sepia) by Banksy
    An uncommon Banksy print, mostly because it's signed, I'm happy to have bought this off his official representation website when it 1st became available. Before the LA star making show, it wasn't THAT hard to get one. Can't say that now, and weirdly this image has never gotten old to me, remaining one my favorite pieces from him. Just recently went back on display in my house.