We're joined by director Tamra Davis
  1. Tamra was the second director hired. The first was fired after 4 days of shooting.
  2. Besides also making CB4 and Half Baked, Davis has made two documentaries about her close late friend, Jean Michael Basquiat.
  3. Tamra is married to Beastie Boy Mike D.
  4. For the dodgeball scene, Adam was adamant that he needed to really peg the kids with a ball...hard. So he came up with a plan that they'd excitedly ask out loud, "Who wants to get hit with a ball?" He knew they would all want to be involved. Once they filmed it, some kids loved it, others started crying immediately.
  5. The man who plays Principal Max Anderson in middle school, and later The Revolting Blob, is Josh Mostel, the son of Broadway star, and The Producers legend, Zero Mostel.
  6. Before Chris Farley performed his cameo as the on-edge bus driver, he quickly downed 4 espressos.
  7. Gwyneth Paltrow was working in Toronto, where Billy Madison shot. Adam, Chris Farley & David Spade (who were also nearby filming Tommy Boy) and Gwyneth hung out a lot on off days and played something called "The Death Game."
  8. The glam rock band that plays Billy's graduation party was actually a non-ironic local band they saw at a bar.
  9. The high school principal, who would later host the Jeopardy game, is Jim Downey, a former SNL head writer responsible for class is moments and characters from the show.