I think I found what I'm going to do on ListApp now.
  1. Frank Zappa visited set once.
  2. Brian Doyle Murray played different characters in the original Vacation & Christmas Vacation.
  3. Beverly D'Angelo and the woman who played Randy Quaid's wife took ice skating lessons for the movie, and never ended up shooting the scene that involved the skill.
  4. Angelo Badalmente scored the movie. He also did Twin Peaks and almost all of David Lynch's movies.
  5. John Hughes had originally written Christmas Vacation to be the second film of the series released.
  6. The woman who plays the eldest Griswold was the original voice of Betty Boop and Olive Oyl.
  7. There was an earthquake while they were shooting a Christmas Eve scene.
  8. They trained a squirrel for three months for the Christmas tree scene and right before they shot the scene, that squirrel died, forcing them to use an untrained squirrel.
  9. Randy Quaid claims that Gene Autry is his relative.
  10. Frank Capra III, the grandson of Frank Capra, was the second assistant director.