Harold Ramis is by himself throughout the film.
  1. Harold Ramis co-wrote the opening credits theme song with the guy who scored Ghandi
  2. All the Groundhog Day scenes were actually shot in Woodstock, IL
  3. A family of groundhogs was specifically raised to be used in the movie.
  4. In Brazil, the movie is called "The Black Hole of Love"
  5. In the original script, Phil Connors lived the same day for 10,000 years.
  6. After the police chase quarry scene, as soon as they said cut, Bill was bit by the groundhog and needed a rabies shot.
  7. A young Michael Shannon appears as a newlywed at the city's Groundhog Day dance.
  8. Later in life, Ramis found himself crying more and more at films, most inexplicably at X-Men