Things I Learned Watching Joyride With the Audio Commentary On

I switched in between separate commentaries: one from co-writers JJ Abrams (!!!) & Clay Tarver, one from director John Dahl and one from Leelee Sobieski. Small note: Sobieski is an insane person. If you have time to waste, watch this movie with her commentary, as I dont even know how to explain how insane she is.
  1. JJ was originally set to to direct it, but because of scheduling, he had to pass it off
  2. Clay Tarver went on to write Joyride 2 & 3, but is also now a producer on Silicon Valley
  3. Recorded years before his fatal accident, Dahl comments that Walker liked doing a lot of his own car stunts
  4. To give a more ominous, and bright, look to car lights in general, they replaced each one with airplane lights to have a bigger feel when on camera.
  5. Leelee Sobieski does not have her license in real life.
  6. Leelee Sobieski does not like beer in real life, despite having to sip it in he movie.
  7. As a sign of respect, Leelee Sobieski did not look directly at Steve Zahn and Paul Walker during their semi-nude scene.
  8. Leelee Sobieski missed her senior prom because of reshoots.