This was my first year attending, with an artist I manage named Nova Rockafeller who performed. Quite the experience.
  1. ZERO searching when entering the venue. When I asked what isn't allowed on the campgrounds, I was told "Everything is allowed. Beer, drugs, fireworks, knives."
  2. VERY little security presence. Most official guards are juggalos themselves working in shifts. Police, although somewhere on the grounds, are mostly unseen, only visible for major issues like overdoses.
  3. A 20-something in a suit walking up to the ticket booth, asking where the job fair is, then laughing and buying a ticket to enter. I think this would also be an amazing opening scene of Law & Order.
  4. Thousands of terrifying people. The only thing I could compare it to is if you went to a convention for Haunted Hayrides and all the attendees came in their costumes.
  5. People selling ANY drug you want. They were openly selling the obvious, but also people straight up yelling "I've got Molly, acid, LSD, PCP, Special K..." to passersby.
  6. One woman, who seemed half in reality and half out, offered me free LSD.
  7. A stripper show, hosted by "Gary Busey's nephew."
  8. Puddle of Mudd
  9. A baby in a stroller at 1AM
  10. A wrestling match where one fighter went through 4 panes of real glass and was bleeding everywhere
  11. A Juggalo wedding, where two ticket holders held their actual ceremony, amongst other like minded Juggalos. The vows included "I want you to slob my knob forever." THIS IS REAL. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't Periscope it to later make sure I wasn't dosed with acid and hallucinating.
  12. Fireworks shot in the air every 10 minutes. No hyperbole. Not like little fireworks, like pretty legit ones. More Mad Max than 4th of July. Not set off by professionals. By Juggalos ready to lose a hand for this shit.
  13. A lot of people yelling "Show me your butthole" to women at the festival. It was some sort of meme within the community, which as a whole is insanely misogynistic.
  14. Honestly, a lot extremely nice people, including the actual Insane Clown Posse, whom we did an autograph signing with and surprisingly couldn't have been better dudes.
  15. THIS
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