Small note: I was 18 year old
  1. I took three hits from a 4 foot bong.
  2. Everyone around me froze for 5 seconds at a time, then would go back to normally talking, then freeze again.
  3. I tried to tell my friends what the problem was, but all that came out was ""
  4. I made one of my friends drive me home to my parents' place after secretly throwing up into a bush.
  5. I laid out perfectly straight in his backseat and asked that no one talk during the drive.
  6. Once delivered, I forced my my mom to wash my head with a damp cloth while I cried.
  7. Also, for hours I told my mom that the house was overrun with cactus and sand and that we need to do something about it.
  8. I became terrified that my family dog was frozen (running theme) at the edge of my bed.
  9. I slept the entire next day.
  10. I was made fun of by my friends for an entire year.