If it was up to me, these slogans would be used in marketing the Hamilton classes at SoulCycle.
  1. Who Lives, Who Rides, Who Tells Your Story?
  2. Why Do You Ride Like You're Running Out Of Time?
  3. Look Around, Look Around, At How Lucky We Are To Be Alive Right Now.
  4. Intelligent Eyes And A Hunger Pang Frame. (I Will Never Be Satisfied.)
  5. I Am Not Throwing Away My Spot. Because It Is As Difficult To Reserve A Bike In A Hamilton Ride At SoulCycle As It Is To Buy A Ticket To See Hamilton On Broadway.
  6. Talk Less, Smile More.
  7. I Am Young, Scrappy, And Hungry. (Okay, I Am Not Young, And I Am Not Scrappy, But I Am Hungry.)
  8. I Want To Be In The Room Where It Happens, But It Is Fully Booked. And There Is A Waiting List.
  9. Let's Have Another Round Of SmartWater Tonight.
  10. We Fought With Him. Me? I Ride With Him. Me? I Loved Him. And Me? I'm The Damn Fool That Shot Him.