1. The best sign I saw during the New York City Marathon said "TL; DR. TOO LONG; DIDN'T RUN."
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  2. (I didn't run the marathon. I took a taxi to a friend's apartment on Central Park South, at the 25.5 mile mark. We watched from the balcony. We ate bagels that I brought from @RussAndDaughters. This felt like important and appropriate carbo-loading.)
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  3. (Chef Daniel Humm, from Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad, however, did run. And how!) (This is him, in the navy blue shirt and shorts, turquoise socks, neon yellow sneakers.)
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  4. (This is Mary Keitany. She is the woman who won the marathon. She is obviously amazing.)
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  5. (The small children with us cheered by yelling: "GO MARATHON!" with joy and with fervor.)
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  6. (I cried a few times because it really is such an amazing feat to see.)
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