1. They're friendly
    Unicorns aren't mean, they're not stand-offish and they don't moan about going to visit your parents. In fact, they enjoy it.
  2. They don't mind what TV you watch
    Unicorns are very chill about the TV schedule. They're cool with Don't Tell the Bride and Great British Bake Off. No TV party pooping here.
  3. They don't tell you what to eat
    Unicorns respect you and your choices. They let you eat whatever you want and they'd never even raise an eyebrow if that turned out to be chips three days in a row.
  4. They like rainbows
    Rainbows are colourful and happy things. Many unicorns have rainbow manes and tails. Rainbows bring joy to the world, and unicorns are cool with that.
  5. They like sparkles
    Similar to rainbows, sparkles and glitter bring joy and unicorns are super cool with that. They don't even complain if you use a load of glitter for a craft and then a tiny bit of it ends up on the floor or the sofa when you're clearing up.
  6. They are magic
    This is kinda self explanatory. I know some boyfriends think they're magic but unicorns are, like, *actually* magic, you guys.
  7. They are fine with other unicorns
    Unicorns are chilled no matter how many unicorns you have. They will never tell you there's no room for more unicorns in your life because they know that there is no such thing as too many unicorns.