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At various points in my life, a child I know has mispronounced these words. They became my everyday vernacular. Now, people I think I can't speak correctly.
  1. "Mazagine" (magazine)
  2. "Telicious" (delicious)
  3. "Pouncil" (pencil)
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  1. Waiting until the last minute to merge into my lane when yours is closed.
    I will put my tiny Mazda against your giant Ford F-150 any day of the week to keep you out of my lane. See that sign 2 miles back that told you the lane was closing? IT'S FOR YOU, TOO.
  2. Try to cut in line.
    Bonus points if you ask me if mind. Exceptions are those with physical infirmities, small children, or in uniform. But if you're wanting to grab your diet Coke before me because you're parked in a handicapped spot with the engine running, I will laugh at you, then stab you with my Mazda key.
  3. Stop in front of the elevator after you get off to check your phone, have a conversation with someone, or generally block my egress.
    Same thing applies to building entrances/exits, escalator ramps, grocery store aisles. They'll ticket you for that shit in Houston.
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