Doing this one because it's always fun when other people do! Enjoy!
  1. My winnings at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. I played 2 hands of blackjack, won a small amount of money, lost my nerve, and cashed out!
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  2. Vintage Michael Jackson arcade game at a bar in San Francisco. You moonwalked while fighting someone? I never quite figured it out.
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  3. Graffiti in Israel just outside Tel Aviv. People really are the same wherever you go.
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  4. A penis mascot on a calendar I found in a doctor's office. Every month he was a different hero/masculine figure.
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  5. A folded up piece of paper I found tucked under a rock on a San Francisco beach. I never did get in touch with Dwight but I loved this idea and left the paper behind for the next passerby to find.
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