I've been in Israel for the past week, throughout various parts of the country and am finding the same WC trends wherever I go.
  1. Toilet seat is missing
    Sometimes it's on the floor and sometimes it's completely gone, lid, seat, and all. How does this happen? I'm picturing a she-hulk ripping it apart in a fit of rage.
  2. No toilet paper
    It's as if each stall were allotted 1 roll per month and the people of Israel did not plan accordingly. Similarly: no soap, no paper towels.
  3. Buttons instead of handles
    This is making it impossible to flush the way I want to, with my foot instead of my hands. Ew.
  4. Occupancy indicators broken
    Stalls are meant to show red when in use and green when empty. This is almost never the case. I'm finding myself kicking down red doors just in case.
  5. Floors always wet
    For such a dry country, the bathroom floor seems to be getting lots of water action.
  6. Unisex restrooms in public places
    Call me old fashioned, but I don't need a strange man moaning in the stall next to me (true story).