Plenty more where these came from...
  1. I would walk up the stairs but my bag is EXTRA heavy today.
    (Because of all the food I'm carrying)
  2. I just got my haircut and I don't want to ruin my hair!
    You know you've used that too.
  3. I'm getting my haircut later and I don't want to be gross at the salon.
    Plus it's not good for your hair to wash it more than once a day so this excuse is really airtight.
  4. If I work out now then I'm going to have to get a late lunch which means I'm going to have to push back doing work, cleaning the house, and running errands which means I'd have to go grocery shopping at midnight.
    It's basic math really.
  5. I walked A LOT on Saturday so...
    Enough said.
  6. My knee has been doing this weird clicking thing and I just don't wanna chance it.
    In the same vein, I think I feel a cough coming on.
  7. I had such a hard day at work, my mental workout was basically grueling enough to count as physical exercise.
    This is definitely a real thing.
  8. I'm too hungry.
    You know what they say, "never workout on an empty stomach." Or is that "never go to the supermarket on an empty stomach?"
  9. I just ate.
    And it might take the rest of the day to digest.
  10. I'll just eat REALLY healthily today.
    But the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.