Ok so most of these products are a waste of money and have value only in so much as their commercials provide hours of entertainment but these were actually incredible.
  1. The Vegetti
    I love delicious delicious carbs and this product allows me to trick my body into thinking I'm eating pasta. The ultimate deception!
  2. The Shake Weight
    That South Park episode and crude humor aside, this thing actually works. And it's not unfun to use!
  3. The State Quarter Map
    This served no purpose and was not worth its weight in cardboard but I was beyond thrilled when my dad got me one as a kid. I still have a hard time parting with those rarer state quarters.
  4. Pajama Jeans
    I never actually owned a pair of these and as much as we all made fun of Pajama Jeans, our "jeggings" that we all wore were just a hip, rip off of Pajama Jeans.
  5. The Bump It
    As a self respecting Jersey girl, I never owned a Bump It but I am glad that women from all over the nation could now emulate our look.
  6. The Snuggie
    Enough said.