I am unabashedly in love with Lifetime movies. Find my top picks below:
  1. Cradle of Lies
    A man can't inherit his great granddaddy's fortune unless he has a son (because that makes perfect sense) so this guy pretends to be the perfect man, marries a sweet teacher, and then the madness ensues!
  2. Girl Fight
    A group of popular girls befriend and loser and then beat her up and film it. Isn't that what all mean girls at your high school did?
  3. Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal
    A new cheerleading coach comes to town and tries to get the group of scandalous, popular girls to fall into line. Drama ensues!
  4. The Surrogacy Trap
    A woman hired to be a surrogate loses her mind. Exactly what you'd expect. Incredible.
  5. Honor Thy Mother and Father
    One of the two movies Lifetime made to tell the stories of the Menendez brothers murdering their parents. Bad acting and age inappropriate actors are the cherry on top of a perfect 90s film.
  6. All American Girl: the Mary Kay Lateurno Story
    The love story of our generation in a made for TV format.
  7. Blue-Eyed Butcher
    Another true story starring Bill Paxton's lovely daughter, Sara. Murder, a hunky but dangerous man, court drama, blondeness. This movie has it all.
  8. Drew Peterson: Untouchable
    Starring Rob Lowe 😍😍😍. He gained a ton of weight and went grey for this role! If that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will.