When I was last in New York, I saw an artist selling these amazing photo frames with smaller photos you could slide on sets of tracks, creating a new work of art each time you move the photos. I loved the idea but wanted to be able to choose my own photos so I set off to Home Depot!
  1. Started with supplies, tools, and a healthy snack!
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  2. Took measurements, drilled some holes, and ate the healthy snack.
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  3. Double checked my prototype to make sure it would actually work.
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  4. Started to piece it together.
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  5. Stained the wood.
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  6. Triple checked to make sure it would actually work.
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  7. Transferred the photos to wood.
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  8. Last check, I promise!
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  9. Nailed it all in - now I have a frame with 6 sliding wooden panels with the photos of my choice!
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    Theme of this one is Madison, WI in case you're curious.