1. Computer programming
    I'd literally have the world at my fingertips!
  2. Painting my nails like a pro
    Think of all the money I'd save!
  3. Keeping myself awake
    I can and do fall asleep anywhere. It's like when the Energizer Bunny runs out of batteries. There are many photos of me asleep at parties, bars, and other public places.
  4. Drawing
    I like to think if I could draw, I'd be one of those people who carried a sketch pad everywhere and thoughtfully doodled while the world passed me by.
  5. Feigning interest
    It's a skill that can get you far, whether it's pretending to care when your boss talks about her kid, networking at an event, or schmoozing at a party. I suck at small talk.
  6. Cooking
    I can follow a recipe like a champ but I so envy those who can freestyle in the kitchen and produce a work of culinary art.
  7. Being handy
    Dishwasher isn't working? Car is making a weird noise? I tried turning it off and on again...
  8. Putting together the perfect playlist
    You know when you go to a party and every song that the host has played is so spot on? Well that party is not at my place.