Travel Edition. Beware: contains mild snobbery.
  1. When someone is eating tuna on the plane.
  2. When someone stops just in front of or directly after the moving walkway.
  3. When someone stands on the escalator and blocks the way and/or stands on the left side.
  4. When someone takes someone else's seat then "asks" to trade.
  5. When everyone starts to queue before the plane is even boarding. Like "okay zone 2, chill out. You got a minute."
  6. When someone is talking on their cell phone and actually comments that they shouldn't be talking since they're on a plane.
  7. Body odor.
  8. When the person with the most complex travel issue ever is in line in front of you and you're just trying to check your bag.
  9. When someone is rude to the person at the ticket counter even though this weather delay/mechanical issue/missing flight crew is obviously beyond their control.
  10. When someone stands obnoxiously close in the security or boarding line. Bonus points if they actually hit me with their bag or I can feel their breath on my neck.
  11. Babies in first class.
  12. Body odor.